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The Mother Like a Boss Podcast

Aug 30, 2018

I'm right at the edge of a brand new season in my life and for our family; a season unlike any I have had in the past. This season is one of change in the form of kids entering new schools and me having more time. Don't be fooled. More time isn't always a good thing. More time just means more time to waste if we're not intentional with it.

This episode is all about how I'm embracing this new season and how you can do the same, with whatever season life has for you now. Change can feel scary and overwhelming because of the unexpected, but we can embrace change and the adventures it brings.

And speaking of new seasons, I'm also sharing how the podcast is getting a facelift this fall and what you can expect from our new and improved weekly lineup. My mission is to serve you in every way I can, and this new format speaks directly to that mission.

Finally, I want to give shout you all out and use all the praise hand emojis here. The Mother Like a Boss Podcast has hit 200,000 downloads in it's first 7 month and YOU made that happen. You listened, you shared, you came back week after week. I'm grateful in ways I can't even express. Thank you for being a part of this journey and for trusting me each week. You the real MVPs, mamas!

Here's to 200,000 more!

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