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The Mother Like a Boss Podcast

Jun 24, 2019

Today, I'm getting as honest and real as I can about the pervasive "hot mess mommy" culture that's swept through motherhood over the last few decades, and giving my thoughts on why we at Mother Like a Boss™ choose to take a very different approach to empowering women.

Is it really helping us to be told that motherhood HAS to be a struggle, day- in and day-out? Not that is "can" be a struggle, or "will feel" like a struggle, but that it is absolute and we have no choice in the matter? What if instead, we acknowledged the messy days and messy seasons without creating a culture that perpetuates negativity in motherhood.

Moms deserve a life-jacket, not a boat to circle us round and round telling us that drowning in mom life is just something we should have to accept.

If you're ready for truth and some real mom empowerment, this is your episode, mama.

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